Preferred Utilities

The Preferred Utilities Fuel Sentry Tank Gauge and Leak Detection System is designed for use with double wall tanks, vaulted tanks, single wall tanks with spill basins, and double wall piping. It is designed for use with all fuel oils, diesel, kerosene, jet, and most other petroleum products. Some features include:

  • Automatic Delivery Detection
  • Oil Delivery Verification / Shortage Detection
  • Idle Tank Theft Alarm
  • Overfill Alarm
  • Easy to Read Bar Graph Display
  • Six Intrinsically Safe Sensor Inputs
  • Daily HD-A2-C Automatic Leak Sensor Testing
  • Sensor Wiring Fault Detection
  • Printer with Delivery, Consumption, Status, and Alarm Reports
  • Field Configurable

Other models from Preferred Utilities are available as well, and G. C. Environmental, Inc. ensures that the appropriate model is installed based on the tank location, specifications, and overall customer needs.